Ten Best Paleo Salad Recipes

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Salads are a delicious and filling way to get not only your full compliment of vitamins and minerals every day, but they are also a main-stay of the Paleo diet. Whether you’re new to it, or you’re a veteran, you might be looking for some inspiration when it comes to how to add a new twist to your existing salad ideas. If that’s the case, you’re in luck!

Check out these ten delicious ideas.Ten Best Paleo Salads - Natural Seeker Health

  1. Ranch Chicken Salad Recipe {Paleo- Whole30 Compliant}

  2. Paleo Tuna Salad

  3. Paleo Chicken Salad Recipe – Sizzling Cilantro Lime Fajita Salad Recipe

  4. Buffalo Ranch Chicken Salad Recipe {Paleo, Whole30 Compliant}

  5. Paleo Antipasto Salad

  6. Oriental Chicken Salad Recipe {Paleo, Gluten-Free, Clean Eating, Dairy-Free}

  7. Sweet Potato Salad – Paleo and Gluten Free

  8. Mason Jar Chicken Fajita Salad (Whole 30 and PALEO)

  9. Paleo Chicken Salad Recipe with Artichoke & Asparagus

  10. Monkey Salad Breakfast Recipe


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