Choosing The Right Sports Bra


One of the most important fitness choices you will ever make as a woman is choosing the right sports bra.

When you don’t wear the right size bra, it can do more than just cause pain and discomfort; it could cause long-term problems, as well as interfere with your ability to do the activity or sport you’re trying to enjoy.

Top Tips

1787741If you are reading this and nodding along, here are some tips for choosing the right sports bra:

Know your proper size

Many women do not actually know their correct bra size. You can get sized for free at many shops in the mall, such as Victoria’s Secret. If you’ve never had a professional sizing, we highly recommend you get a professional sizing to know where you are.

Know your activity

The amount of support you need could vary based on the type of activity you are doing. High impact activities like running, mountain biking, or aerobics are going to need more support than lower impact activities like walking, yoga, or strength training.1787741

Understand the type

There are three basic types of sports bras, and this refers mainly to how the cups are made – encapsulated sports bras, compression sports bras, and combination.

  • Encapsulated sports bras. These are designed with individual cups that support each breast individually. There is no compression, and they are best for low impact activities. It will help you maintain more natural shape than a compression bra.
  • Compression sports bras – This is the type that you pull on over your head, and it compresses the breasts to our chest wall to help restrict movement. They do not have cups and often contribute to the “uni-boob” that many women complain of with sports bras. They do tend to give more support than the encapsulated type.
  • A combination of both – These types offer more support than those of just one type above, so they are best for very high impact sports.
  • Choose high performance, wicking fabrics. These materials will pull sweat away from your body, preventing chafing and discomfort. They are also more comfortable to wear.
  • Choose a variety of different types. Sometimes you just need a different bra, and it’s better to have a couple of different types on hand for the different occasions.

Now It’s Time to go Shopping!

With these tips, you’re ready to start shopping for your next sports bra. Remember that you’re going to be putting a lot of wear on this bra so don’t be afraid to pay top dollar for it. When it comes to bras, you get what you pay for, and a cheap sports bra is going to let you down.

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