Does Having Curves Mean Yoga is a No-Go?

Does Having Curves Mean Yoga is a No-Go? - Natural Seeker Health - 1647758

No way!

You don’t have to be super-skinny or look slender in yoga pants to enjoy the many benefits that this discipline gives you, and there are many different poses which anyone can do, as well as several which are perfect for plus sized ladies.

Yoga has many health benefits, so why should you miss out because you’re rocking a few curves? Celebrate your curves and enjoy yoga!

It’s Time to Get Down With Yoga

Yoga is known to be a fantastic stress reliever, while also promoting flexibility, and also perfect for those with arthritis or joint problems, as it is a gentle and effective way to stretch out tense muscles and tendons. On top of this, there is the social side of it all to consider, and heading to a group yoga class can strengthen your social circle, giving you a mood boost on top of everything else.

So, if you’re nodding your head and wondering where to start, here’s a few yoga poses which are perfect for a plus sized woman wanting to reap the benefits of this hugely popular activity.1773681

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Recline With Caution

You can’t just throw yourself backwards and hold the pose whether you’re plus sized or tiny, because you’re putting extra strain on your back, and nobody needs that. Instead, try this pose:

  •  Find a couple of spare pillows and put one on the floor near to a chair, and the other around a foot away
  • Lay down on the floor and rest your head back on the pillow, with the other underneath you, to support your lower back against over-stretching
  • Gently place your legs onto the chair in a smooth, fluid move, pulling in your stomach muscles as you do so
  • Breathe gently and slowly
  • Hold for several minutes and release

Stretch Out The Neck

Using pillows and chairs help to keep balance, which if you’re not used to yoga is something everyone needs to do, regardless of size. This particular pose helps to stretch out the back muscles and the spine itself, as well as giving your shoulders and your neck a work out at the same time.

  • Find a hard-backed chair and sit down, with your back upright and straight
  • Turn your head and move your right ear towards your right shoulder
  • At the same time, stretch down towards the ground with your right arm
  • Hold the pose and breathe normally for a few seconds before releasing
  • Change directions and repeat the pose

Head to The Mountains (Kind of)

Known as the mountain pose, this is another one which is fantastic for those who don’t feel too balanced, to begin with, while also offering support for plus sized ladies. Posture will be improved practising this one regularly, as well as general coordination.

  • Stand straight against a wall with your back and buttocks touching the wall
  • Find a static point in front of you that you can concentrate on and focus
  • Slowly stretch your shoulders and upper arms back against the wall and lift your arms up, so your elbows remain bent at a 90-degree angle
  • Breathe steadily and hold for a few seconds

Arm Stretches

This is another pose which requires the help of a chair while allowing a good arm and side stretch for those with balance problems or worries.

  • Lift your arms gently and slowly above your head in an arch shape
  • Breathe out slowly, and with that breath, lower your arms gently
  • Do this several times, without rushing, until your body feels chilled out and relaxed
  • As a follow on, hold one side of the chair and raise your arm, reaching over your head and bending your body down towards your other hand
  • Hold, Breathe, release, repeat

These are just a few suggested yoga poses which are ideal for plus sized women, proving that no matter what shape or size, everyone can benefit from this fantastic discipline.

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