Eating Tips for Weight Loss

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Those little fats are highly un-welcome, yet it stays for a long while. Your effort for weight loss might not have a visible effect right now, and you are struggling so much. You might hit the gym everyday, do the foam rolling at home and run as much as you can. Well, it all comes down to what you eat when you are fighting weight gain. Below are the 7 eating tips for faster weight loss that could work well on any individual.

Eat Slower

Your body needs time to register all the food you take in, roughly about 20 minutes. Eating too fast will make you eat more than necessary. A simple tip for eating slower is to have water near your side, so you could drink in between. You could also avoid eating alone, so the meal would last longer as you could talk to friends during the course.

Drink More Water

Your body needs around 3 liters of water daily. Throughout the day, drink water regularly to keep yourself fully hydrated. It also helps fill your stomach, so you’ll feel less hungry during the meal. Healthy fruit juice is also a good choice, as they contain rich nutrients for your body to function.


Find a better replacement

Maybe you just cannot giving up your beloved Coke for anything else. Well, maybe you haven’t tried the awesome orange juice, or the tasty avocado juice. Open your mind for a little change once in a while, and you might discover that your Coke’s taste might not be that good.

Calm your craving

If you feel like hungry and grab that potato chips on the table, ask yourself the following: “Am I that hungry”. Try to distract yourself: Go around the house, call a friend, or maybe check your Facebook. After 10 minutes, if you are still hungry, go for the food (but still avoid the unhealthy snack). But most of the time, you’ll just forget your unnecessary hunger.

Track your food intake

You are what you eat. So to discover your way to faster weight loss, know what you eat. There are lots of good mobile apps for tracking your calorie intake. The best one is MyFitnessPal, which is just acquired by UnderAmour. The app has a huge database of all the food and ingredients, and you can simply scan your product UPC code to find out its ingredients. Make it a habit though. By the end of the month, you’ll have some ideas on what food to cut to improve your body shape.

Eat your damn breakfast

Breakfast is the most essential meals of the day. Yet many people skip it, citing their busy schedule. Having a big breakfast in the morning is very crucial in successfully cutting weight, as you’ll feel more full during lunch and dinner. Moreover, breakfast gives you the much-needed energy for your body to function. You may suffer from headache and dizziness without eating proper breakfast.

Eat Smaller Portion

A very simple trick to eating less is, well, to use smaller plates. Go to IKEA and replace your big bowl and plate with a more decent size. You’ll automatically re-programmed to eat what the bowl could handle. If you still want more soup? Well, a trip to get another bowl may just be enough to put you off.


Those above tips are very effective in helping you achieve your weight loss goal. Even each tip may help you eat just a little bit lesser, everything adds up overtime. You might consciously help yourself to apply those tricks, but overtime, your brain will register and everything become natural habit. Happy losing weight!

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