Everyone’s Going Crazy For Coconut

Natural Remedies

Whilst being delicious in taste and smell, coconut oil has some seriously beneficial uses.

Reduces wrinkles

When used as part of your daily skincare regime, coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory properties could help to reduce the formation of wrinkles.

Hair Conditioner

Instead of buying expensive conditioners, add a few drops of coconut oil to your hair and see how shiny and soft it feels.

Hair Detangling Agent

If you have kids who hate having their hair brushed due to painful tangles, add a few drops and see how easily that brush goes through their hair. This is also great after a day at the beach, when tangles come as standard.

DIY Body Oil

When warmed and rubbed into the skin, coconut oil is fantastic for moisturising dry spots, such as elbows and knees.
Natural cold sore remedy – Studies have shown that a dab of coconut oil can help to speed up the time it takes for a cold sore to disappear, whilst also helping with pain and the risk of scarring.

DIY Cuticle Oil

Again, moisturising is the name of the game here, and when rubbed into the cuticles, they will be easier to push back and cut.

Baby Nappy/Diaper Rash

If your little one is suffering from this painful rash, a tablespoon of coconut oil over the area can help to ease pain, redness, and itchiness that comes alongside. The area will also be guarded against moisture.

Hand Cream

A few drops of coconut oil rubbed into hands after doing the dishes will moisturise and guard against dryness.

DIY Deodorant

We know that coconut oil smells delicious, but it is also a natural deodoriser.



And The List Goes On!

Repel Those Insects

If you mix coconut oil with an essential oil such as eucalyptus, mint, or lemongrass, you will have your own very cheap version of an insect repellent (and much better smelling too!).

Homemade Makeup Remover

Some make up removers or wipes can be harsh around the eye area, however a few drops of coconut oil will help you to remove stubborn make up without causing dehydration or wrinkle formation in this sensitive area.

A Delicious Massage Oil

Mix your favourite essential oil with coconut oil and you will have a sweet smelling massage oil to leave you with soft and moisturised skin.

A Cheap Night Cream

Face creams are expensive, but this one is cheap and very effective! A few drops rubbed into your skin at night will seriously moisturise.

Moisturise The Scalp And Avoid Dandruff

Again, a few drops rubbed into the scalp (only a drop or so) can help to moisturise the scalp and avoid dandruff formation.

DIY Shaving Gel

Avoiding expensive creams and gels can be done easily by rubbing a few drops of coconut oil onto the skin before shaving.

Help With Common Skin Problems

Eczema or psoriasis sufferers may find relief with coconut oil, thanks to those anti-inflammatory properties which come naturally.

Stretch Mark Elimination

Rubbing coconut oil into stretch marks can help them fade naturally and moisturise the skin at the same time.

Relief From Sunburn

Mild to moderate sunburn can be eased with coconut oil, which will reduce redness and rehydrate skin which is left parched from too long in the sun.

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