Ways to Help Your Child Feel Better from a Cold

Help Your Child Feel Better from a Cold - Natural Seeker
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Nothing is worse for us parents than having a sick child. You want to make them feel all better, but sometimes you just can’t do much, other than comfort them and wait for it to pass. This is especially the case when our little ones have colds.

Colds are caused by a virus, and there is no cure for a virus. Your body will fight it off, and it needs time to run its course. But, until it passes, it can make our children miserable.

Here Are Ways to Help Your Child Feel Better From a Cold:

  1. Comfort them with their favorite blankie, jammies, and stuffed animals. This is a time for resting the body and mind so the body can heal on its own from the cold. You could play their favorite movies and just sit with your child when you can.
  2. Treat the symptoms. You can use medications, heating pads, cool compresses, and natural remedies to help treat the symptoms of a cold. This will make your child more comfortable while their body recovers from the cold.
  3. Use a humidifier. A humidifier in your child’s bedroom will keep the air moist and break up nasal and chest congestion. Humidifiers have changed lots since we were kids, they are now smaller, lighter and much cheaper. Here are some great ones to consider. 
  4. Keep them hydrated and offer food when tolerable. You should make sure your child is getting enough fluids. Water, electrolyte drinks, ice pops, and juices can help keep up the fluid levels in a child sick with a cold. You should also encourage food once your child feels up to it. You might start with light foods and then work up to others. Try offering their favorite foods if it helps stimulate the appetite.
  5. Gargle with warm salt water.  If your child is old enough to understand this concept, a salt water gargle can help relieve sore throat pain, while salt water nose drops can help loosen mucus.
  6. Honey. Honey has soothing and healing properties. Either allow the child to eat a large spoonful or smear it in on soft or lightly toasted bread.
  7. Medicine. Before giving your sick child any medication, speak with your pediatrician. Be aware than many cough medicines are not suitable for children under four years of age.

Help Your Child Feel Better from a Cold - Natural Seeker

When Should You Speak to a Doctor?

In general children should feel much better after 3-10 days, but speak with your child’s pediatrician if:

  • They have trouble breathing
  • There is uncontrollable vomiting
  • They complain of an ear ache
  • Your child has swelling of the tonsils or sinuses
  • Your child’s fever is great than 101° F and lasts for longer than 72 hours

Remember to sleep yourself, and look after your wellbeing, so you too don’t get ill. This shall pass, and all will be well again.

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