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Stress is not helpful in any way, shape, or form, in fact, stress in its worst guises can be extremely damaging to your health. If you feel yourself beginning to be affected by stress, be it mild, moderate, or severe, it’s time to take stock and work out ways to cut it out of your life for good, as much as possible.

It’s all very well and good saying that ‘life is too short,’ because as true as that saying is, stress is a common factor in our busy lives nowadays.

The answer, however?

Be aware of it and combat it as much as possible; it’s really about drastic reduction rather than complete elimination.

Make Realistic Choices

Having your head in the clouds and over-dreaming can create disappointment and feelings as though you are not doing as well as you should be. Make choices that are realistic and achievable to create a sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Accept That You Can’t Change Everything

Not everything in life is going to go your way, so accept it, get a bit angry for a few seconds, breathe, and get over it.

Create a Support Network

If your friends bring drama into your life, it’s time to figure out whether they really are friends or not. You need friends in your life who support you, with whom you can be a team.

Avoid Drama as Much as Possible

You are not living in a soap opera, so when needless drama approaches, wave it goodbye.

Look at Your Home Environment

Feng shui is not a fallacy, and creating an environment which is calming and serene is the key to feeling grounded and happy within your own four walls. Blues and greens are calming colors.

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Get a Pet

Animals are known to lower stress levels, so consider inviting a dog into your family, or even a goldfish!

Develop the ability to laugh at life – It’s important to keep a sense of humor even in stressful situations, as having an extreme reaction to small things will only help develop stress further.

Exercise is Your Friend

Studies have shown that regular exercise is not only ideal for health overall, but also for mood and stress levels. Exercise with a friend to give you an extra boost; it doesn’t have to be hours in the gym, even a walk, jog or a yoga class can do wonders.

Practice Meditation

Cutting out the noise in your head from the outside world is a skill, but it is one that can be learned; meditation is a great way to reduce outside influences and stress.

Enjoy Nature

The great outdoors is great for a reason; head outside and breathe in fresh air, enjoying the small things, such as the noise of the birds, the breeze, or the green of the grass.

Be Proactive

If it is a certain situation which is causing you stress and anxiety, then do something about it. Of course, you can’t do something about every situation in your life, but if it can be changed, make a decision and change it.

It’s okay to say ‘no’ – Saying ‘yes’ to everything is only going to cause your to-do list to shoot through the roof, which then means you are instantly stressed out. Only say ‘yes’ if you want to, or you can do it.

Prioritize and Make Lists

Time management and stress levels go hand in hand, so if you feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, write down what you need to do and prioritize it in order of importance – ticking things off your list will give you a boost too.

Make sure you get enough sleep – A tired body and mind is a  fast track to stress; get enough shut-eye every night as a priority.

Talk it Out

Speaking to someone you trust is a great way to combat those issues which are causing you stress; it may be that you are seeing it as a much more extreme situation than it really is, and someone else’s point of view could be all you need to feel calmer.

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