Natural Sleep Remedies That Work

Natural Remedies

Insomnia today poses a serious problem in many households. In the United States alone, an astonishing nine million adults regularly take some form of medication in order to fall asleep. People often prefer to discover helpful, natural ways to promote sound sleep. If you’ve experienced difficulty falling gently asleep, consider trying some of these useful home remedies:

Get More Daily Physical Activity

Studies have established that people who obtain physical activity during the day tend to fall asleep more easily and rest more soundly at night. If you don’t already do so, try and incorporate at least 45 minutes to an hour of brisk outdoor exercise into your schedule.

Older people should not overdo vigorous physical activity. Yet they, too, usually need to remain active during the day in order to doze off readily at night.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable

The Feng Shui of your bedroom might contribute to sleep disruptions. For instance, if you don’t feel secure in your room for some reason, it’s difficult to relax and fall asleep there. Make certain you take the steps necessary for your bedroom to become a sanctuary of rest and comfort.

You might consider replacing some furniture, re-arranging items in the room to permit easier movement, or simply adding some plush, soft furnishings. Soft pastel shades of green, blue or pink and solid Earth tones often work well in a bedroom decor designed to promote sleep.

Consider Adding a Mattress Topper

Another very important step concerns addressing your bed. Does the mattress promote relaxation? Adding a comfy mattress topper may enable you to enjoy deeper, more luxurious rest at night. Today a wide selection of materials and styles enable people to enjoy toppers made from microfibers, gels and even memory foams.

These night-time aids may assist the way you stretch out on the bed, helping you prevent pressure points from developing in certain areas. Finding a comfortable, deep mattress topper sometimes resolves insomnia problems quickly.

Take a Relaxing Warm Bath Before Bed

One venerable treatment for insomnia has assisted people for centuries: soak in a soothing warm tub or bubble bath before retiring for the night. Warm water can help relax tired muscles, promoting a better sense of peace and calm.

It remains important to draw a warm tub, not a hot one. However, this strategy assists many people who find it hard to calm down and fall asleep at night.

Eat a Bedtime Banana

Another ancient remedy for insomnia offers healthy side effects. Sometimes, simply consuming a banana about half an hour before retiring for the night promotes better sleep.

Bananas contain a number of helpful minerals, including potassium. They also offer some carbohydrate calories, creating a pleasing sensation of fullness. Eating a bedtime banana won’t contribute to obesity as long as you don’t overindulge during the day.

Try Warm Milk or Herbal Tea

Some important natural remedies for insomnia have developed legions of fans over the centuries. If you can digest dairy products well, then occasionally taking a warm glass of milk before bed remains a great way to become pleasingly, relaxingly sleepy first. Adding milk to hot chocolate can supply a great bed-time treat during colder weather, for instance. Sip a mug of this drink about twenty minutes before bed time. Many people feel tired almost immediately, so you may want to go to retire early.

For folks who don’t consume dairy, or who have reactions to dairy products, certain herbal teas offer very helpful sleep aids. Two of the best include green teas containing either valerian or chamomile. Both herbs promote relaxation in some people. One word of caution: make sure any bedtime teas you consume do not contain significant amounts of caffeine. Naturally present in black tea, caffeine helps keep people awake. Even some green tea manufacturers include caffeine in their products.

Learn Meditation

Learning meditation techniques assists many people in relaxing and falling asleep better at night. Meditation helps control mental focus. It requires practice. Most experts advise studying meditation under the direction of a skilled instructor.

Numerous civic groups, and even some medical facilities, offer meditation classes. By gaining the ability to focus your attention and concentration during the day through meditation, you may also learn relaxation techniques.

Further Steps

If you’ve tried these strategies without success, you may need to discuss your insomnia with a qualified physician. Some medical conditions contribute to difficulty falling asleep, so it makes sense to explore this issue with your doctor if you’re suffering ongoing problems sleeping soundly.


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