Nature Made Multi For Him

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4.8/5 on May 10, 2017

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Great price for a 300 tablet pack.



Only available in large pack, so if the tablet doesn’t suit you, you’ve wasted your cash.



If you find that this tablet suits you, then you will be getting a huge benefit, and all from a big brand name too.

This big named brand product should give you confidence in your purchase from the get-go, and the price is certainly very attractive. The pack contains 300 tablets, so again, you’re getting serious cost effectiveness here, especially if the vitamin really does suit you!

The tablet includes 22 key nutrients in every single daily tablet, and these are specific to the health of men overall, including a level of vitamin D which is designed to help support immune health, and stave off illness, as well as promote bone, teeth and muscle health and wellbeing; if you’re into gym training, this multivitamin will help to keep your muscles strong and healthy, and help you get over any potential injuries quicker, thanks to boosting your immune system too.

Vitamin A, C, E are also in strong effect, whilst kicking out any artificial colors or preservatives too.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin D


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