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Summer Health and Wellness Tips Natural Seeker
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Summer is a time for celebrating the outdoors. It’s that time of year when there seems to be a barbecue every second day, ice cream is on every corner, and knocking back a couple of icy cold beers on a hot day is hard to resist.

With all that temptation it can  be hard keeping healthy with all of that going on (I know it’s not just me) more diets are broken during summer than during the holidays, which is crazy but true.

Staying healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss all the fun, though.

Here are the easiest summer health and wellness tips to stick to:

Stick to Your Health and Wellness Routine

For some people, summer hinders their ability to keep up with their everyday health and wellness routine. Summer for many is a time of relaxation, but if you wanna stay healthy it is crucial you keep up with your everyday wellness routine.

Don’t be shy, change it up – like, forget the treadmill, go for a run outside, take an outdoor yoga class, swim at the beach or play with the kids outside.

Take Time For You

Yes, summer is time to relax and while keeping with your exercise routine is important, it is also equally necessary to take time for yourself and to relax and breathe.

Summer can be a hectic time. Kid’s have play dates; there are weddings and many festivals. We are all so busy, and we all try to make the most of the great weather.

Make time to slow down.

Mental health plays a crucial part to being physically healthy, so just remember to take a step back and relax. Saying no to that extra BBQ might just be the key to your success.

Smart Choices

When it comes to eating, summer is packed full of sugary foods (hello ice pops) that aren’t great for your health and junk food is also very common while hanging out with friends at parties.

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy a sweet treat  – but just do it less often. Make the choice to eat healthily and then every once in awhile indulge in a treat. Just don’t get carried away- find a balance.


It is very, very important to stay hydrated, especially in the heat of summer. I’m not saying you have to drink only water, but make sure you drink at least a gallon a day, depending on your actvity.

Do you? I know I forget at times.

Try setting your phone alarm to remind you until you build a healthy drinking habit.

Water is also great to help you eat less – maybe that’ll be the key to helping you want to drink more?

10 Ways to Stay Healthy Throughout SummerWalking

It’s so nice outside! What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the good weather while it lasts, save yourself money and walk whenever you can. To the grocery store or even take the pooch out twice a day to soak up the sunshine.

Walking is great for you and helps you keep energized; experts say we should each walk 20-30 minutes a day.


This is all around important, but in summer, a lot of people tend to skip breakfast. Whether it’s because you slept in or you were too busy, don’t skip breakfast! It is the most important meal of the day and gets you fueled and ready for your day. Also, make smart choices on what you eat for breakfast, try and keep it as healthy as possible, you want things that are going to energize you and not drag you down.

Perhaps you’d like to think about a nutritional juice? We have a stack of recipes to choose from and recommend several to rated juicers here. 

StockUnlimited_fruit juice_glasses_natural_apple_carrot_orange_kiwi


Yup, summer is the season for parties where everyone is indulging in wine and beer – but you don’t have to drink to have fun.

It is ok to have a couple of glasses of wine or beer, but try and not to get intoxicated. Not only does it dehydrate you, especially if you are out in the heat, but it also contains oh-so-many calories!


Never, ever forget to apply sunscreen before you go out in the sun. It is crucial for your skin not to burn and to avoid skin cancers.  You don’t need to get sunburnt to risk getting cancer; any exposure will increase your chances.

Try to carry a small travel size pack in your car or bag. If you are planning on going to the beach or being out in the sun for long, stick to 50+ screen like this for maximum exposure.


Go hiking, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. The summer sunshine doesn’t last all year so take advantage of it.

Hiking is an excellent way to not only keep fit and stay healthy but makes a fabulous family activity. Encourage the teens to put the smart phones down and enjoy the fresh air with you.

Be sure to sure you bring enough water and keep hydrated. Also, dress appropriately – wear layers to allow for the midday heat, and a light jacket for the cooler evening change.  It is going to be hot out, and you don’t want to overheat so dress to stay cool, but if you are going somewhere that is bushy and has rough terrain, then make sure you are appropriately covered.

Summer Health and Wellness Tips Natural Seeker Blog


I swear this is everyone’s favorite thing about summer – BBQ’s. Sadly there are lots of unhealthy foods at barbecues so try and opt for healthier choices . If you are hosting, seek out healthier salads,  grill with olive oil and think couscous instead of pasta.

Hopefully, these healthy summer tips will assist you in making some better choices this summer. Being healthy all year-round and not just in summer is wise, use these tips as the summer sun sets and let us know if you have other suggestions in the comments below.


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