Top 15 Clean Eating Bloggers to Follow in 2015!


Are you trying hard to eat clean? Or struggling to keep up with your diet? Worse, you don’t have the motivation to continue on. Don’t fret, there are good blogs with tantalising food images that focus on eating clean or preparing healthy meals. Bon appetit! Here are my Top 15 Clean Eating Blogger to Follow in 2015 (in no particular order):

*Warning, it’s better not to read these blogs when you are hours away from lunch on an empty stomach!

#1 – Eat Yourself Skinny

Eat Yourself Skinny Blog After a few unsuccessful diets and without sacrificing the food she loves, Kelly decided to keep a record of all her favorite recipes online. Her blog evolved to an eating clean lifestyle in the process. Expect to find not only healthy recipes but snippets of Kelly’s life, her passion and stuff she loves.

 #2 – Kath Eats

Kath Eats Blog A Registered Dietitian, Kath sure knows what she’s blogging about. To top off with that, her husband runs a bakery. You can be sure the recipes on her blog are healthy and nutritious. Oh, while at it, be sure to check out her cute son, Mazen.

#3 – The Clean Eating Couple

The Clean Eating Couple Blog

Here’s a power couple whose passion is about nutrition and exercise. Tyler and Elizabeth both students find time to hit the gym and ways to motivate each other to be better version of themselves. Grab your partner and read this blog together.

#4 – Clean Eating Recipes Blog


Clean Eating Recipes Blog

I like what they wrote in their “About” page, “Clean Eating isn’t about dieting and avoiding food, but about eating – literally – all-natural, non-processed, delicious foods that benefit your health.” Clean Eating will help you lose weight while eliminate harmful ingredients. Get ready for a lifestyle change for the better.

#5 –Clean Eats Charlotte

Clean Eats Charlotte Blog

Charlotte’s aim is to inspire a healthy and happy lifestyle with a desire to make food as tasty and as natural as possible. Be inspired by recipes with clean wholefoods and superfoods. Note: Do not be fooled by the “news-like” layout of the website. This blog packs a punch!

#6 –Blueberry Boost

Blueberry Boost Blog

Due to her sensitive stomach, Anni is careful with what she eats. Avoiding all processed foods, following clean, wholesome eating habits and combining regular exercise has helped with her digestive issues, made her more energised and sleep better. Get ready to be inspired by this blog.

#7 – The Clothes Makes The Girl

The Clothes Makes The Girl

Don’t be fooled by the title. This isn’t a fashion blog. Once, a chubby kid, Melissa transformed into a super fit, well-fed, dressed-to-kill, glossary-haired, rock-n-roll, tart-tongued detective. Well, okie, I lied, she does blog about her outfits occasionally.

#8 –The Healthy Foodie

The Health Foodie Blog

Sonia had struggled with yo-yoing weight issues and fallen victim to diet syndrome but lucky for us, she made a resolution to be active for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, at least 6 days weekly. If not, we wouldn’t have the pleasure to be reading a great source of paleo recipes. This blog doesn’t cater to paleo recipes, there are still a handful of non-paleo recipes for readers.

#9 –Kim’s Cravings

Kim's Cravings Blog

Kim’s cravings is loaded with delicious posts and even more mouth-watering photos. Kim readily shares information on healthy foods and wholesome recipes that are easy to feed your family the right way. Join her journey to creating healthy, clean and yummy food!

#10 – Organize Yourself Skinny

Organize Yourself Skinny Blog

No fuss blog, Tammy’s postings are on recipes, meal planning, healthy eating and lifestyle and so on. She focus on everything needed to live a healthier lifestyle and shedding those pounds. Check out her Ebook if you can, written by none other by Tammy herself.

#11 – Oh My Veggies

Oh My Veggies Blog

As what the name says, this is a blog dedicated to meals made of vegetables, grains, fruits. No meat allowed, not even soy meat replacement and they try their best to avoid processed ingredients. Truly real ingredients, recipes in their own right!

#12 –Simple Bites

Simple Bites Blog

I like Aimee’s belief – bringing the whole family together around the table on a daily basis. And she thinks that scratch cooking is the coolest thing over. Don’t expect to find fad diets or restrictive recipes here, only unprocessed food and fresh seasonal ingredients allowed. Dig in, have fun cooking with your kids.

#13 & #14 – The Slender Student and The Petite Professional

The Slender Student Blog

The Petite Professional Blog


What you get with Claire is two blogs, one during her school days and the other when she finally became a registered dietitian. The difference between the blogs is that The Slender Student focused on super low calorie while The Petite Professional focus on nutrient dense calories with a purpose (aka yummier food). Claire knows what she’s talking about. You get the best of both worlds.

#15 – My Life Runs On Food

My Life Runs On Food Blog

“What’s truly healthy? It’s a simple answer: Cooking a meal at home” Sanura’s answer blew my mind off. Her blog mentioned how salt, butter, diary etc have had their health benefit questioned when in actual fact the real question is where it’s sourced, how it’s produced and how it will benefit a personal diet. Sanura’s blog place a lot of importance on planning a well-balanced meal back into our lives.

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