You Set A Goal, Now What?

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Article contributed by Australian gym franchise group, EFM Health Clubs.

We’re nearly at the end of month 2 of 2015, so it’s a fantastic time to reflect on the goals you set yourself for 2015.

If you are to think way back to January 1st 2015, what where those important goals you set for yourself? Importantly, how are you tracking towards them?

If you have fallen a little behind in the pursuit of those goals, now is the perfect time to “get back on the horse”, re-set yourself mentally and commit to taking a short-term action that has the potential to have a profound effect on your success, or otherwise, in achieving that goal.

That action? Commit to being accountable.

The final step in any goal setting process is accountability. It’s all well and good to go through all of your steps and plan all of your goals and start taking action, but if you fall off the wagon and have a really bad week, who is going to be there to encourage you to stop beating yourself up over it and get back into it the next week. This is where family, friends, mentors and coaches come in.

Task #1:

With the first goal that you want to work on, type it out along with the timeline in one sentence in large font, print it out and stick it on the wall in your office or cubicle. For example – I will reduce my BMI from 28 to 25 (overweight weight range to healthy weight range) by April 31st 2015 or I will run 5km in under 25 minutes before March 31st 2015. By putting this up in your office you are allowing everyone who comes in to see your current health and fitness goal. This means that people who see it there will ask you about it and as the date gets closer will take more interest in how close you are to achieving it. This is keeping you accountable because no one wants to tell someone else that they didn’t achieve something that they were aiming for.

Task #2:

The next step is to make a conscious effort to tell 5 people in the next week of your goal and the timeline. Again, this lets other people know what you are aiming for and if they are supportive they will continue to ask how you are going with moving towards that goal.

Task #3:

Now, there is one final person to be accountable with your health and fitness goals to and that’s the person who has the most impact on you. The person who, even when it REALLY annoys you, is always right and always tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. That person, more than anyone will want to see you achieve your goals. Give that person a written copy of your goals (with deadlines) and talk them through verbally also. This will help you to gain clarity on your goals, but also have your mentor become fully aware of what you’re trying to achieve.

Task #4:

From here on, if you do nothing else, just make sure you keep reading your goals daily. Put a copy of them beside your bed, in your car, pinned up in your office cubicle. Make them so prevalent in your life that they become real. This is super important!

If you lose motivation and stop taking action, as long as you are reading your goals on a daily basis, you will eventually feel guilty about your lack of action, snap out of it and start your journey again.

Happy goal ACHIEVING!

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